the semi-generic darker february sixer

i wasn’t sure which way to go with this…

…given that i did some time on a political talk radio program, and has just seen a news bit about “super PAC’s”, which essentially can buy elections, i was gonna do some political sixer since this runs just prior to president’s day and all.

but i’d already done a “president’s day is kinda bullshit” bit and found i was REALLY digging deep in my political vocabulary to do the bit and, to be honest, it was just kinda boring and sucked a bit.

but then i realized that this was ALSO black history month, which i’d only lightly touched upon, and as harold refers to me as “the blackest white man he knows” which has always left me debating if he needed more black folk in his peer group, or just hipper white folk, i decided to run with…

me and the black culture – a sixer

(these are in no particular order because…well…there was no reason to do so)

me and the legends – i’ve been on stage with run dmc and public enemy, and chatted with b.b. king and ray charles – not bad for a white boy with no vocational training (most of you didn’t get that, but JAB, who just walked me through hooking up my kitchen light on the phone today, giggled his ass off)

the accidental gangsta – the baggy shorts? that hang below the knees? i’ve been doing that since the 1980″s. ’cause i’m that thuggish? nope – ’cause i have a twenty-nine inch inseam…but fashion caught up with me, and i was in hood-ish style, damn it!

no “wigga” pose here – one of the thing most of my black friends always liked about me was that even though i got the humor, the music, and a lot of the culture, i never ONCE tried to postulate that i was NOT white. i didn’t try to be “down” – i was always just me. still am. and i’m still not sure if that’s a bad thing or not, but i’m pretty sure it’s not.

i broke the ground for ’em – first hip-hop show on the college radio station at SWT? yeah, that was me. you’re welcome. this was before it was an actual radio format outside of NYC, LA, or atlanta. yeah, again – you’re welcome. see previous “…with no vocational skills” line to close this out.

the “n-word” – although rare, i still use it. never in a spirit of cruelty. fuck all the fake funerals and PC posturing – it’s just a fucking word. the more it’s heard, the less power it has. and while i never use it in the spirit of hate, i’d take a swing at ignorant fuckers that did with no hesitation. does all that make me odd?

fuck y’all – i was born on juneteenth (and celebrate it with a bbq every year!) – and this year it returns back to the homestead (four months from today, i might add)…so we’ll see who the real diehards are. or at least the plan is the homestead – hear rumors of a private pool being offered up just to keep it in austin for the benefit of my co-workers. time will tell…still relish the fact most people don’t know where i live, even though i’ve had the same address for thirty-three years and counting!