well, he WAS pretty…

this bit will probably be done in two parts…

…ant unlike most of the ones lately, this was written only days, instead of months, before it’s going up.

the short version:

this makes me happy:

this does not:

the slightly longer version:

monday my power steering went out (as in last monday, not a few days ago). fear of financial devastation got worse when i checked the fluid level and it was good, sending me into a worst-case-scenario tailspin of how much a power steering pump might cost, let alone the labor. dealer estimates online were in the $975 range…

…part cost? $150. and i could do the labor myself, i quickly realized. part ordered, installed in my boss’s bad ass garage in a few hours, done and done for $150 and i made happy hour on wednesday. all was well.

until friday night.

i took the trash out of the shop at 11:55, walking past my car and even waving at it as i came back. yes, i’m that corny and yes, i love my car THAT much. so imagine how much i freaked when one of our guys left, but walked back in within three minutes and said, before i could even say anything:

“before you freak out, i DO have insurance…”

and that’s how that dent got there. he backed up, didn’t look, and essentially t-boned my car while i sat there parked. so now i get to deal with his insurance, run around to body shops and get estimates, and than drive around in a rental while my car sits in a shop.

not fucking cool.

should be a fairly easy fix, i’m hoping, but we shall see. second part will come once i have a better grasp on things – at this point i’ve just filed a claim and had their guy take pictures. more to come, i’m sure…