i hope he gets what’s coming to him

sometimes people scare me…

…and this one i think it’s very understandable.

i’ve never understood why they sell porn at airports. not hard-core shit (at least not in any of the airports I’VE been in) but playboy, penthouse, and i think i’ve even seen hustler. i mean, really – i like my porn as much as the next red-blooded american male, but i don’t need it so bad i can’t wait till i get to my destination to get my hands on some.

no matter how long or dull a flight i’ve never had the undeniable urge to rub one out in the crappy lil’ airplane can.

but now there’s no need to hit the news stand and check over your shoulder, ’cause we have that wonderful thing called a “notebook” or “tablet”. or hell, even your ipod or phone. problem with the first two? those behind and beside you now know your tastes in such things. that can be bad…

but it’s even worse if it has illegal shit. like kid shit. and that’s what an idiotic UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR – and engineering proff from the university of utah – had as his collection he decided to view on a cross-country flight from utah to boston.

not the sharpest arrow in the quiver, that one.

another passenger saw it over his shoulder, freaked out, and snapped a camera-phone pic, sending it to his son and having boston’s finest waiting for the pederass at the gate upon arrival.

so much for “what happens in first class STAYS in first class”, huh?

but somebody that stupid and twisted deserves worse than i’m sure he’ll get – being on a plane, though, i think that makes it federal…and that might get even nastier for him than, i’d imagine.

good – fucker deserves all that and than some for being into kids and shit. pederass.