the devil made me do it

i discovered something new and cool over the holiday season…

…whiskey i like for under $23 a bottle.

this is a rarity. i typically go the irish route (go figure) which all run more than that. hell, even jack daniels goes for more than that. i don’t like jim beam, save for the small batch shit they do like booker (which has been written about here several times before – at 126.5 proof average, how could it NOT be? even kramer’s bought it for me!).

baker – another jim beam offshoot fave – clocks in at 107 proof. we can thank another loyal whore reader for introducing me to that one. hell, at least i got to have my way with her while under its influence…now THAT’S a whiskey night!

moving on…

one of their latest NON-small batch bourbon’s is “devil’s cut”.

the lore (as told on the bottle, and sounds more “southern” than “irish” to me, which while jim beam IS a southern brand i only point out ’cause whiskey originated in ireland) is that the “angel’s cut” of whiskey (or bourbon, to be more specific – which in order to be deemed “bourbon” must be distilled in the country of boubron, kentucky, u.s.a.) steams off into the atmosphere during the distilling process – the “devil’s cut” stays locked in the wood of the barrels…until now, when they get it out of the wood and we have “devil’s cut” – by jim beam, which is 90 proof and under $25 a bottle…

…and yummy. shit, it got me through another lonely solo holiday season.

try some and support one of my holiday mistresses!

(the others being and arturo fuente opus X – what? you’re shocked?)