maid in texas

after doing all the cleaning i had to do for the family holiday thing…

…which after seeing what passes for “acceptable” to half my family given how bad they let me grandmother’s house get i don’t know why i bother, but never mind that now – i think i need a maid.

the only problem is if i pay somebody to clean my place than i don’t feel i should have to clean my place…and apparently that’s not the way shit works.

much like women trim up before the wax appointment, or brush three times the morning of the dental visit, apparently it’s customary to “pre-clean” your place before the help pops in. fuck all that – tell everybody how filthy a motherfucker i am. i’m not embarassed. shit, if i wasn’t, i wouldn’t have hired a fucking maid.

is this just a texas thang?

the only time i hear “pre” these days is in reference to school “my niece is in ‘pre-k’ this year…” which is apparently now a thing, “pre-heating” an oven, or the ever popular “pre-partying” where you get good and liquored up BEFORE you go out ’cause it’s cheaper to booze at home.

those i all get…well, except for the whole “pre-k” thing. there needs to be a grade before kindergarten now?

but “pre-cleaning” the house before the maid shows up? that’s just stupid – you’re not paying her less, and unless it’s for legal reasons (i.e. “hide the guns and weed – the maid comes by today…”) then i see no reason for it.

of course, i’m also not a maid…’cause if i WAS, i wouldn’t fucking NEED one like i do, now would i?