this time it’s all about “ME”

this might get me in trouble…

…but i’m just drunk enough while writing this that i don’t give a shit.

a brief history of this site – the URL was bought by kramer and put up almost as a “news of the weird” kinda site but he had too much on his plate and couldn’t keep up with it at the time (to show how age helps us multitask he now writes three sites or so). over coffee at “the coffee pot” (still on the square in san marcos as of when this is being written) after dinner at valentino’s (also on the square in san marcos) kramer and “ME” as she’s been known to whore readers convinced me that i needed to write this site.

“fuck it”, i thought, “it keeps the girl i’m dating happy”.

and so it went – occasionally with a bit a day, some days multiple bits a day, some days skipped (typically the days we spent together as that was enough and she didn’t need to READ my bullshit after putting up with it in person) but so it began. just to keep her amused while she answered phones at (this will shock her at my memory) sterling foods.

so any of you entertained by this shit can thank kramer and her, ’cause otherwise i never would have thought to do this…seriously.

so as we approach our decade mark (february first, for all curious) i want to thank the originator, the innovator, everybody stole from her (and a tremendous influence in each other’s lives) “ME”.

this started off for you, but proved to be the best therapy i could ever have…

(…and you have a husband who’s insurance pays for your therapy now, so this is all me, damn it!)

i love you, always will (meant purely in a friendship way) and wish you the best of birthdays tomorrow! thanks for putting up with my annoying ass for a decade, and glad i could do the same for you!

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  • Me Jan 16, 2012 @ 23:28

    You Rock. I love you to my life friend.

  • Kramer Jan 18, 2012 @ 19:31

    I really love you, man.