does cash offend you? or is it just me?

you never know if it’s you or your choice of clothes…

…and my apologies if this is a repeat. it might be. i think i’ve done it, but i’m not sure, and i couldn’t find it on a couple searches, so i’m pressing ahead as if this is new shit, even thought it might not be.

moving on…

…he’s an american icon, but during some of the filming for his iconic album live at folsom prison he gave the finger to the camera and an even more iconic image of defiance and rebelliousness was born:

i have a shirt with this on it (which is being worn as i type this, i should add). the picture was taken in 1967 when the album was recorded (and subsequently released in january of 1968). that means it’s almost FORTY-FIVE years old. and yet when i wear the shirt, inevitably somebody, usually old enough to have been around when the pic was originally taken, feels the urge to say something either to me or under their breath as i pass.

really? does the middle finger bug you that much? hell, most of you have two of ’em!

it’s the caller i.d. on my phone – pretty much everybody giving me the middle finger. hell, it’s kind of a litmus test…if it bugs you to let me take your picture giving me the finger, even though you know i’m not gonna post it anywhere, than hanging out with me probably won’t go well for you. our personalities will most likely not play nicely together.

these things happen.

but for every person my folk’s age that bitches about the shirt, at least two or three people closer to my age actually compliment it, so fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke, right? or maybe me & johnny are too much for them to handle? shit, they should see some of my OTHER shirts…