naughty or nice?

relax, this isn’t as holiday themed as it sounds. you KNOW me better than that. so let’s move on…

…i know in the recent sixer i said i wouldn’t do any more reader’s polls. i know this. but two things:

1. that was for 2012 (see – i DID remember to call it “2012” instead of “2kXII”)
2, this isn’t really a poll, more me venting/purging guilt

you know when something bugs you, so you call up that one friend you always bounce shit off of? well, i have a few and all of ’em read this site, so here we are.

my dad’s been kinda guilt tripping me lately. why? because i bought the bmw instead of/without paying him the couple grand i still owe him for the camaro due to me losing my job whilst we were still paying it off and since it was in his name and all it was the thing to do. this was done for a couple reasons…

(and i write this knowing i’ve given my dad the url to my site several times BUT i’m willing to bet any amount of cash you want that he doesn’t read it – and if he does, he’s never commented, so the way this is set up his comment will have to be approved – by me – before you can see it. only after i approve you do comments post live. that being said, i can promise all of you that if he DOES comment i’ll let it post…)

first off, while my dad likes to cry poor mouth and act like he’s strapped (at writing time i have three bucks in my money clip and (literally) one cent in my bank account, which is due to realizing via email that some ebay fees were gonna overdraft my account by $3.49 and i had exactly $3.50 in the coin holder of the car so there you go) in order for him to co-sign the camaro we had to send in bank statements, which went through me, so i know he kept a running average balance in the five figures…just in his checking account. aside from any other investments (and keep in mind he has a masters in finance from U of T) and state retirement (university executive for two decades, and a senate employee for almost as long when i was a kid) that ain’t exactly poor.

but forget him for a second – look at the actual poor guy (me)…if i had traded in the camaro at the time i got the bmw they would have looked at the brakes (shot) and backed off what a dealer brake job ($950) would cost, and as kelly blue book value (dealer trade in) is around $3,200 – and they would have slammed me harder for mileage and shit – i would have MAYBE got $2K. if that. exactly what i owed him. but fixing the brakes myself (to the tune of around $150 including rotors) i can get an easy $3,500 for it – so i pay him back and make (after tax, title, and license) a cool “g”.

that’s good economic sense.

so while he kinda got fucked (and i say “kinda” ’cause he still gets his money, it’s just delayed a month or three) he should be proud – rather than take the “brake even” route (and i spelled that incorrectly on purpose due to the brake job) his son made a PROFIT and still got him his dough.

so, yeah me.

see – i knew writing this would help me feel better…and here you thought i was dragging out some Christmas bit bullshit…