live and direct…or something like that

well, at least i was ahead of the game for a bit…

…see, this is the first “live” entry in about a week or so.

last week i fired up my computer at the shop, than ran to two others but never turned it on. then when i got home it wouldn’t fully power up at first. three, maybe four attempts, and nothing. and the bottom of it seemed really hot (meant in the literal temperature sense, not saying my notebook has a great ass or anything…)

but then it fired up. so i backed up EVERYTHING and wrote (and posted) the friday, sunday, and tuesday bit, figuring if it crashed and burned over the weekend than i had my days off to resurrect off the back-up i had just done. but i did a virus scan as well, and nada.

but every since all has been well (knock on wooden counter of ut campus shop).

so, i’ll get back to writing good entries after this. hell, i gotta. heading to new orleans for halloween weekend, so i need to get shit up to take me thru that, figuring i’ll get at least a week’s worth of material off that excursion…but for now? it’s seventy-eight degrees and i drive a convertible – y’all know what time it is!

(last phrase meant in the hip-hop vernacular of the phrase, not like “oh, it’s 4:32” or whatever the fuck…)