does my life suck? (a small pop quiz)

“fuck my life…”

that’s what i used to say to start every day i worked at dell, at least for the last two or three years. every day. no exception. pay day? half day? day they catered in good food? didn’t matter. sat down, looked at my reflection in the monitor before i moved the mouse or tapped the keyboard and the actual display came on, i’d see my face in that seventeen inch lcd and say “fuck my life”. than activate the display and start my day.

i can NEVER go back to that. regardless of the pay.

i realized nobody with a GOOD life – or, at the very least, a good outlook on life, ever says “fuck my life”. just not part of the verbal lexicon, but that makes complete sense when you think about it. but there’s two less obvious phrases i found myself using, albeit in text form, to check in on somebody. and it became a recurring phrase in the conversation. and than came their reply, which was when both hit me as a “one-two punch”, as it were…

…people that are happy NEVER use these phrases. at least not when they’re truly happy.

the phrases?

“…all things considered” – nobody in a good place uses this. i’ll grant you, somebody who’s REALLY trying to see the positive in a bad situation uses it, but normal happy people don’t. is life good? “yes”. that’s a good thing. but when the answer is “yes…all things considered” than that’s NOT good. something is not happy in your world. don’t know what it is, but it’s a “thing” that’s being “considered”. try to work on that. still not as bad (in my opinion) as…

“it is what it is” – i find most people use this to describe their relationships, particularly with a spouse or significant other. let’s not mince words here – if the best assessment you can give of ANY relationship in your little world is “it is what it is” than maybe it don’t need to be what it be. worst case scenario you guys are mid-fight so things are “good…all things considered”. but if it’s just what it is, maybe it just don’t need to be anything. try that – see if your life doesn’t improve. i’ll bet it does…all things considered.