bmw = bring money witcha (part i and hopefully part ONLY for a good long while)

so, i finally got the ipod rigged up in the bmw…

…the only innocent victims when all was said and done was my left hand (looks okay NOW – but looked like i’d been in a bar fight for a couple of days) and my coin tray where the cord comes out. AFTER the fact, i realized if i just got a replacement rubber bottom for the tray (if it could be had separately) would be a way to make it look smooth. it’s a rubber pad for a coin tray, about two to three inches square.

i looked online but all i could find was replacing the WHOLE coin section which includes the tray, the little rotary change dispenser (i use this for toll roads and drive-thru change) and the trim around it. cheapest one out was $30 for a used one.

“fuck all that!”, i thought…”how much can 2.5×2.5 of beamer rubber cost?”

dealer only part – $25.

fuck all that times three.

so, i think later on (i’m in no rush) i’ll get the whole dang thing replaced via ebay and be done with it. tell you what, though – if this is how much mark up is on a little piece or rubber i am piss scared when something REAL breaks down on this bad bitch!

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  • Shane Oct 23, 2011 @ 7:24

    I just found out that the nut that holds the bearing assembly in can only be bought at a dealership and costs twenty fucking dollars!