the television conundrum

i’m not sure quite what to do here…

…and as problems go, i openly admit i could have worse shit to worry about. i FULLY admit that.

but regardless…

…my neighbor through out a 50″ sony dlp hi-def tv. i believe i mentioned it on here a couple weeks back. i got a bulb for it off amazon and while it SAID that the manufacturer of the bulb was “sony” it was, instead, “dngo” which is some taiwan company. this may be the cause of my “problems”, but i’m not sure.

while the picture is “good”, it’s not “great”. the colors aren’t as vivid as the sony lcd i had in the den, but i’ve been told that’s the nature of the beast. the way my den is set up the tv would never be hung on the wall – ever. so the depth issue most people have with a dlp i don’t have…and it’s a massive 50″ screen (compared to the 46″ lcd).

but there’s some blueness.

i don’t mean “sadness”. i mean literally BLUE-ness. as in there’s some blue specs, and a bit of a blue haze on the display. i THOUGHT this might be due to a cheapo taiwanese lamp, which if i ride that out a month or two and get a good sony lamp and all is well that would be fabulous…i’d just keep the other one as a spare just in case and move on with my “tv shuffle”.

but if it’s indicative of a larger problem, like a light engine, than i don’t know what to do. while it doesn’t fully bug me, it kinda bugs me. and the next step we start to “commit”.

i have a 40″ toshiba in the bedroom but if this dlp works out i’ll put the 46″ sony in the bedroom…which means moving the wall mount kit up, and once it’s up it needs to stay there…so i can’t backtrack and put the toshiba back without it looking “off”.

THAT would bug me.

so i gotta decide – keep the dlp and move the stuff around at the foot of the bed OR ditch the dlp in case bigger problems loom and put it all back where it was with the 46″ in the den and the 40″ in the bedroom.

as i said, as problems go, i openly admit i could have worse shit to worry about…but it’s what’s been bugging me since yesterday when i hefted this 118lb beast onto the table in the den – which brings up the other issue; if i DON’T keep it, what the fuck do i do with it? put it back on the curb like my neighbor did?

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  • sean Aug 17, 2011 @ 17:56

    well, i guess this about covers it, huh? bummer…but i think i can deal with it for now.

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