matress math

something tells my choice in title hints at a LOT more provocative bit than this is…

…but i suppose i have a history of that sort of shit.

i can’t find a definitive answer, but apparently a mattress is supposed to be retried every ten to fifteen years; so i would figure this one is a bit overdue:

yes, that’s right – this mattress was RE-stuffed (back in the day when mattresses were spring free not due to space-aged foam, but rather just ’cause they were made that way) over fifty-five years ago. FORTY fucking years more than it should have been used (in my grandmother’s defense she died almost a decade ago, so she only used it THIRTY years longer than she shoulda).

my uncle said he’d “rather i not” throw it away…but as it’s old as balls AND has taken up a good chunk of the bedroom i emptied out completely today since we started cleaning in april (technically, i suppose, more like since 1980) up to the curb today it went…and if he drags it back to the house i am SO playing the “stop putting YOUR trash in MY house” card ’cause ugly as it may be, he has now legally signed away all rights to the property so…um…yeah – let the mass exodus begin and cut me my motherfucking movie check!