the littlest service dog

i realize the title of this bit makes it sound like a children’s book…

…and in theory, by the time this bit posts i would have done a bit more research into this and i can put it in the comments section. of course, my original theory on this entire page was that i’d write it for about six months after kramer suggested it in front of the girl i was dating at the time so i could help cement our relationship (me and the girl, that is…not me and kramer) and then stop. and that theory came about in late january…of 2002.

so we see how well some of my theories hold up, don’t we? so, as stated, in THEORY i’ll do some homework on this before you read it.

i’ll post what i found here – and if you’re reading this sentence it either means i didn’t find shit or never actually looked

i’d always been told dogs were color blind, but i’d always thought my boss’ chihuahua was the exception to the rule. she follows him all over our boutique, but when he crosses to the tattoo side, which comes with a step taller than her painted parking block yellow, she grinds to a halt and waits for him to come back…

…which now that i think about it, it might be less the color of the step and more the height that stops her. so i guess it’s just self-preservation.

anwho, on the tattoo side we can’t have dogs due to health department regulations. but i found out that now TECHNICALLY she can be there, as she’s a certified “service dog”…which i don’t get, ’cause she’s under ten inches tall and weighs (maybe) four pounds. what service does the perform?

add to that the fact that neither my boss nor his wife have any physical ailments that would require a “service dog” – they’re both able-bodied, sighted, and in great shape (the middle one being kind of a requirement in our line of work, you realize). but somehow they got this little girl certified as a service dog…so now she’s allowed in the shop. and flies for free. can go into restaurants and bars and such.

who knew? oh, wait…probably paris hilton did.