dropkick me murphys, through the goal post of life

life if full of little surprises…

…like when i crawled off my face after passing out at 4am on the fourth of july and thought to myself, “we have tickets to see dropkick, and i KNOW the show’s in july…but WHEN in july?”

answer: the FIFTH of july. as in the next day.

this shocked me enough to where i didn’t keep reading, which was a fuck up. if i HAD i would have seen that the doors were at 5:30, which between getting down there, getting parked, and picking up shane along the way meant i had to jump in the shower for this shindig around 2:30 or so, which would have been handy to know before i pulled another late night and didn’t get out of bed till almost noon again.

i suppose these things happen.

i have to say (and i wouldn’t have said it during, lest i jinx things) that this was damn near the perfect concert experience. tickets purchased way in advance (great call on a b-day gift, shane!) and the extra sold for beer money. parking was free on the streets of SA, easy out when we split, and only a block or so from the venue. the place was cool (not literally as it WAS outside on a hundred degree day) but the crowd skewed a bit older so there was minimal bullshit and we grabbed a table near the beer, in the shade, with a decent view of the stage (when the crowd surged forward when dropkick came on we got an even better one). we got to meet some cool folks (including the guest vocalist on “dirty glass” plus her tattooing husband and her mom) and got some time with my old college buddy randy bonillas from 99.5 KISS.

overall, great experience.

wrapped up the night at chacho’s (stabbing and shooting free on tuesday nights, but there were still SAPD officers standing guard for safety’s sake) with frozen jack n’ cokes for me, ritas for shane. did i spend more than i shoulda? yeah. did i have to cash in change to buy milk ’cause of it? yeah. would i have changed a thing about the night?

not a fuckin’ prayer. was an awesome night with an awesome friend that given how the spring and summer have gone for the both of us i think we both needed. and, since i promised him i’d end the bit with this…