booze, boobies, and blowing shit up

well, hopefully this goes at least two for three this year…

…and i’m gonna desperately shoot for at least one out of three.

today is the fourth of july…or, as my current employers call it, “monday”. so i’ll be working today, but because i kill most of my hours over the weekend my weekday schedule is extremely flexible. like “come and go when i feel like it just hit a set number of hours” kind of flexible. so, i dunno when i’ll head off to work, or when i’ll get back today – but i DO know i have to work.

that could slow down the “boobies” part of the day, unless i witness nipple piercings or boob tattoos being done…which, in my line of work, can happen.

“blowing shit up” is highly unlikely as there is a fireworks ban in the state of texas. while i can TOTALLY see shutting down the fireworks stands so people can’t accidentally light their neighbor’s homes ablaze and shit, i don’t understand why the professionals who do the big displays under controlled conditions are banned as well. hell, if anything, hopefully this will translate to more business and more money for the shops and hence more money in my pocket, which might allow me to have my usual monday night out at trudy’s, so at least the “booze” part will happen.

again, time will tell – this was another of those months where my monthly salary got put in the bank, than bills got paid, and they exceeded said salary…so, we’ll see where this goes from there.

happy independence day, folks – and if you’re out of texas and reading this go blow some shit up for us!