stop, drop, and roll (or at least two outta three)

friday commutes seem to suck the most…

…the ride in always seems to be shitty, and the ride home is worse ’cause you’re REALLY jonesing to get home (unless your home life sucks, in which case you’re REALLY jonesing to make it to happy hour) and it always seems more congested, slower, and shittier than any other trip home. it’s almost like extra people work ONLY on fridays so they can get in your way and shit.

so, in case you think your commute sucks hot buttered ass, be glad you’re not THIS guy i passed on the way to the gym yesterday:

he’s facing the wrong way (notice i didn’t say “going the wrong way” lest we get into some planes, trains, and automobiles-style debate about “how do YOU know where he’s going?) and on his side…not a single tire on the ground. don’t know how this big sumbitch ended up like this, but i figure your friday commute will ROCK compared to his thursday one!