my german argument ender

tonight’s taco run had an extra side of drama…

…hell, at least it was free!

i’ve been going to the same taco spot since it opened in the seventies. it’s good, not terribly pricey, and reliable. it’s also typically pretty busy. so i was really surprised when i ordered, was told to pull up to the third window, and could do so easily. there was literally NOBODY in line ahead of me. but within a minute or two there was a car behind me. no biggie – they’re behind me…my food’s getting done first.

i paid, and left my window half open because i have noticed between sixteen upgraded rockford fosgate speakers and bmw ambient sound proofing i can’t easily catch when they go to hand me the food if i DON’T keep the window down a bit when the music is going.

but over the music i was starting to hear a conversation behind me that was rapidly getting louder, more heated, and more profanity laden, until a very resounding, “well, FUCK you” came out of it followed by the car two cards behind me literally ramming into the car right behind me.

i saw it happen in my rear view mirror.

i’m sorry, but when vehicles start to get weaponized, you gotta be prepared, so i very calmly pulled out my 9mm i keep stashed in the car, racked the slide, and set it on the center console with my hand on it. just then the jack harlow looking kid at the window leaned out with my food. i took it with my left hand, and looked at him and said, “the two guys behind me got in a shouting match and one just rammed the other in your drive-thru”. he responded, “how bad was it?” and at the same time happened to glance in my car and see what was on my center console. his eyes grew wide and glanced back to lock on mine.

“that bad”, i responded, “so have fun with all that! laters!”, and i drove off.

i guess that’s our fault for not honoring that “taco TUESDAY” tradition?

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