convict in chief?

so, the verdict was dropped by the jury a couple days ago…

…and trump was found guilty on all thirty-four counts.

keep in mind, though – one of the few true statements (and there are very few) he’s ever made was something to the effect of shooting someone in the middle of third avenue and not losing a single vote. so, i doubt this changes shit. although, of course, now there’d be an additional charge on him since convicted felons can’t own guns.

i considered this the weakest of the four cases against him, and it returned thirty four convictions. how will this go with the documents case? oh, wait – the judge on that is a trump-bought moron that shouldn’t even be on the people’s court, let alone a federal court. you must get a free bowl of soup with your law degree in michigan, because this idiot clearly doesn’t know shit and is just dragging and delaying to please daddy trump, who you know is shoving fistfuls of cash at her to do so.

then there’s the january 6th insurrection case, which is now on hold as the supreme court tries to decide if it was even breaking a law. don’t ya just love how manson was convicted of a crime for sending a few folks to an actresses house, but they aren’t sure if it was illegal when he sent thousands to storm the capital. that was an “official presidential duty”? bitch, please.

and finally there’s the one i felt was the slam dunk and would wrap the quickest – you know, the one where he is literally heard on a phone call instructing government officials to “find” him enough votes to win. what’s holding that up? oh, right – inner office lawyer romance. what? you thought all those lawyer dramas we watched in the 80’s and 90’s didn’t come from a real place?

of course, if the “i could shoot…” statement holds true, as it will, then he still has a good shot of winning. yeah, yeah, yeah…i know a majority in polls say IF he was convicted than they PROBABLY won’t vote for him. but they will. every time he gets in a scrape, people say, “oh, well if this sticks…” and then back down. america loves its celebrities, no matter how far back they have to reach to consider them one. i paraphrase ralph nader, which i never thought i’d do – “[trump] is the dumb man’s smart man, the poor man’s rich man, and the weak man’s strong man”, so if you support him let me ask you the hard question – are you a dumb ass, a broke ass, or a punk ass?

or perhaps a little from column’s a, b, and c?

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