get off my lawn (literally)

i agree with nik, i could never do the door to door thing…

…it’s outdated, basically irrelevant, and when’s the last time you dealt with someone that way that felt actually legit? we get them about once a month, and it’s usually about window’s or lawn service or something exterior-ish for the house.

typically i walk out the carport door (as the dogs have rushed the front one where they rang the bell) and i just poke my head around the corner and say, “we’re good…have a nice day!” and walk off before they get much out of their spiel. this guy the other day, however? he hit the ground running!

“good evening, are you *insert my full legal name here*?” meant to get your attention but taken off very public and readily available property tax logs

“you got him”, i replied.

he then launches into this breathless monologue about how he works with a company to lower utility costs and that i’ve been paying way too much for my utilities but they can probably do something to change that. when i point out that lockhart only has ONE utility company, as most places do, and that there’s no “competition” i can jump over to that’ll be cheaper, he reiterates that they work WITH the utility companies through “a little known government program” that can save me money because, as he stated again, i am paying WAY too much for my utilities.

when i state my bills actually stay pretty consistent with the exception of last summer, when we had an unprecedented heat wave and record breaking temperatures and so things were record breaking high, bill-wise, he then asked, “well, how much is that? what do you consider a normal bill?!?”

that’s when i pointed out that was information HE should have since he kept stating i’m paying “WAY TOO MUCH” and how could he judge that if he didn’t know HOW MUCH i was paying?


i then told him to work on his game, and not tell people they were paying too much if he didn’t, in fact, know how much they were paying. when i flat out asked him what he was selling, and he started with the canned response of, “we don’t SELL anything, per say, we work with you and your utility…” and i just cut him off and told him to fuck off all in the same breath. he then admitted it was solar panels. i kindly asked him to refer to my previous statement that ended with the word “off” and walked away.

is our neighborhood the only one where this door-to-door shit still exists? and what will the upcoming election bullshit bring with this?

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