tuesday twinning

i have a co-worker who is, to the day, ten years my junior…

…he was born 6/19/1981 – ten years to the day after me. we refer to each other as “birthday twin” (gemini pun intended) around the shop. but the other day, i met his match for the title and he was bested by a mile.

you can’t tattoo minors in texas. that law was changed the last legislative session of the 20th century, september of 1999. you can, however, PIERCE minors, with the right documentation. as i type that out literally dozens of times a week (okay, okay, so i use a text shortcut because it’s so much, but i still also SAY it dozens of times a week) i’ll spare you the details, but we have to have a photo i.d. for the minor’s parent, which is where this gets fun.

so we had a young lady come if the shop the other day for a bellybutton piercing at the age of seventeen. mom came with. when she threw her driver’s license down i looked down and exclaimed, “well, THAT’S cool – we have the exact same birthday!”. when she replied back, “oh, you were born on juneteenth, too?” i responded, “and of 1971, just like you!”

(this has actually happened twice before in the same scenario)

her next line made it get interesting. she flatly stated, “well, we probably weren’t born in the same city, because i was born here in austin and there’s not many of us”, to which i retorted, “so was i, but the hospital was moved a few years later…” and before i could finish she said, “from 26th to 38th because it was seton?!?”

yep – we were born same day, same month, same year, same city, same state, same hospital. it was time to really spike the ball, so i asked her if she knew the name of the doctor that delivered her.


and my grandfather delivered us both.




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  • Kramer Mar 6, 2024 @ 19:25

    No one was born in Austin, back in the day….


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