for whom the bell tolls

one of the pains in the ass of modern life in texas metropolitan areas (and beyond) is the toll road system…

…it’s both a blessing and a curse.

it’s layout and location more the former, it’s billing system more the latter. and we have more than one.

the newer one seems to have finally gotten their shit together, and while i get bills in the mail i’ve usually paid it weeks before. but then there’s the granddaddy of em all, tx tag.

i’ve been to court with these guys.

so a few months ago i went to pay my bill online, and when i clicked the “PAY BILL” tab on their site it was a broken link. it wouldn’t let you pay. so i tried to “go around it”, as it were, on the site, and hit the payment screen another way, but to no avail. if i click on the “ACCOUNTS” tab it shows me AND a balance of almost $175, but no way to pay it. when you click on the “PAYMENT METHOD” tab it shows my card info, but a balance due of zero.

who knew you’d have to work so hard to pay a fuckin’ bill?

i finally called them and after a lengthy process was told they can no longer take payment over the phone, and directed me through some weird series of steps where i was able to make a partial payment back in december, but now those steps don’t work any more, either. so now i just get an ever-growing bill every month, and i watch to make sure they haven’t added any penalties to it because it’s not my fault they can’t get their fucking website to work, and i move on without paying them. i figure eventually this will come to an ugly conclusion? i’ll let you know.

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