idiotic air

there was as old bumper sticker in the commercial golden era that was the 1980’s…

…”when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”

these days it’s more like grifting. and the latest grift?

although, i guess, technically this isn’t a “grift”. spellcheck has flagged it every time i typed it, with no suggestions, making me think i had somehow just conjured this word, but it’s real, and i spelled it right. in the process of verifying this, however, i did see that it specifies illicit goings on, which these are not. they’re legit, just stupid. or so i think?

while the shoes above got all the press (and all the gawd – who would seriously wear these?) when i did an eBay search it showed a couple of others, which it turns out are just as legit and available on the same site. the site, run by a holding company, has the generic (and expected) disclaimer “Trump Sneakers are not designed, manufactured, distributed or sold by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their respective affiliates or principals.” but instead are “registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CIC Ventures LLC.”

but in his 2023 financial disclosure trump claims to be the owner of cic ventures, so…

what’s fun is the shoes show they won’t even ship till july, still a few months away, but they are being resold on eBay. a lot. the pair in my size i started watching (don’t even think i’m considering this) is up from it’s opening bid of $1, past it’s retail of $399.99, and now sitting at $5,500.00! i’ll be curious to see if that actually gets paid. according to the site, the shoes are numbered and limited to 1,000 pairs, and at least ten pairs will be picked and randomly signed by agent orange himself, assuming he’s not otherwise occupied when they hit the warehouses this summer…

despite the claims, i don’t think this is in response to the judgement against him for the dual reasons of he couldn’t have gotten this going that fast AND like so many before it, i’m sure this will be a bill he ignores just like all the rest, which is why i cried foul when he told NATO countries to “pay their bills” or risk russian invasion. you first, you tangerine-colored game show host!

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