yeah, i’ll say it

i wanna go on record with something here…

…if you believe, ACTUALLY BELIEVE, that not only did the democrats rig the 2020 election (newsflash – they didn’t, and if they did let’s actually SEE some evidence), but they also rigged AN ENTIRE NFL SEASON AND A POP STAR’S ROMANCE to push the “biden agenda” then two things are actually undeniably true:

1. you are too stupid to leave your home without a helmet and should be declared ineligible to vote due to mental incompetence.

2. the power that has the party to rig all that so seamlessly has fucking EARNED the right to rule the world because that’s more than the republicans have done in the last seventy-five years EASILY.

it’s scary that this is a thing. we’re not living in the purported “end of times”, we’re living in the “idiocracy of times”.

(i actually just created a login for IMDB for the first time so i could suggest an edit to the film’s page changing it’s category from “COMEDY” to “DOCUMENTARY” or, at the very least, “HISTORICAL BASED FICTION”)

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