another “you low, gee!” moment

i hate adding another member to the DMC…

…”DMC” standing for “Dead Mom’s Club”, because you can lose family members left and right, but for most of us none of them kick you in the emotional teeth quite like mom. it was a no brainer i’d offer to say a lil something. but when things happened a week ago today what i DIDN’T count on was being the whole service.

that was a surprise.

typically i’m “part of the performance”, as it were. there’s a choir. or a prayer. or, at the very least, a clergy type kind of tying it all together, who pitches to me, i do a tight three to five with no “f” word, and right back to him (or her). this time there was “lemme know when you’re ready to start and we’ll turn down the music”.

that was a surprise.

i’m far from a religious type, but i tend to do this for religious types. beverly was the first person who, like me, was far from a religious type. i never realized how much structure (ritual?) said belief in the cloud santa (that’s what he’s always looked like to me) brings to the party. it made it much more loose and informal, but honestly, i thought it fit the woman and the family for how they live their lives – lots of love, lots of support, minimal formality and bullshit.

i have to say, i was kinda a fan.

this was the woman who gave me my first stones and beatles albums (which i still have). she was “the cool” mom who drank and smoked and had tattoos. she let us build a giant ramp in the side yard. she was awesome, and she will be missed.

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