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the great lil’ (dude) famine of 2kXI

Author: sean M Published: January 11, 2011 0 comments edit

i honestly started to think there was a product recall…

…today was SUPPOSED to be all sorts of grey and cold and rainy and shit. but instead it’s sunny and chilly. not that that’s a bad thing…but what it meant was after work, gym, more work, and trudy’s i hit the store last night to grab vino and food to have a “house arrest day” (day where i just don’t leave and if i go outside it’s just out back with the dogs – or out front as lil’ dude seems to have some psychological aversion to taking a shit in front of miss copper…i kind of get this, but kind of don’t).

but it was not to be…

…i got home and gave lil’ dude his dinner (as he’s growing and all i feed him twice a day versus copper’s once a day) and that finished out his food. fuck me – guess i’d be venturing out on tuesday to get him some grub. so, the next morning i go to get him his usual (purina 1 large breed puppy formula) and they were out of BOTH kinds of purina 1 puppy food. now, for those who have never raised a puppy, you don’t know one little secret – if you switch food brands on them a shit storm begins…and i mean that term in the most literal way it can be taken. the crate, the floor, your couch – NOTHING is safe. for weeks at a time. and your dog ain’t happy either, and spreads the (non) love around waking you up every hour or so at night. that sort of thing. you just don’t do it. so off to wal-mart i went.

strike two.

in lockhart, sadly, that’s all we got. so off to kyle i went (small town slightly closer than san marcos and recently heavily expanded to connect the urban sprawl that is austin all the way to san antonio). i hit target as i was almost out of echinacea and that would have to be hit anyway but once again all purina 1 food was present EXCEPT the puppy varieties. same at petco. this is when i wondered if some sort of recall had happened i was unaware of – but typically when that kind of shit happens HEB has notes up to make you aware of it, and i hadn’t seen any…so i went across the street to HEB and eureka – they had his food.

which fit, as the parking lot of said HEB was where i met the kid who i bought him from anyway and it’s where his first ever bowl of food came from – both the bowl he still uses AND the food. so now i’m home, he’s full, and bouncing off the walls. all’s well that ends well, and now i just need it to get cloudy so i’m more in the mood for some vino!

2024 note – we have since learned budnik (formerly ‘lil dude’) can have his food switched like that with zero issue. in fact, he kinda likes it when you do.

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