not a dog gone good time (part ii)

so, about the budnik…

…as we’ve discussed, budnik likes to eat the gauze pad from a bandage he’s had to wear as of late. yesterday he ingested his fourth in four weeks. hopefully the others have passed (he’s still eating and pooping normally, although each time he’s done this we feed him pumpkin for a meal or two). the sore spot he’s had for the better part of a year seems to be on the mend, all be it slowly.

that part i’m hopeful on.

but his gait is concerning. he’s had arthritis for a bit, and now has developed it in the opposite knee to the wrist that has it, giving him kind of a hopping limp. we’re on day three of a double shoulder brace to try to assist, which i hope helps (partially due to unabashed love of the budnik, partially due to the eighty dollar price tag) so we’ll see. i’m hopeful hear, too, but the cold temps aren’t helping him, i don’t believe.

so we’ll see.

the doc who took care of puck’s final appointment has said there’s some new treatments for doggie arthritis that he thinks might help, so i’d love to see if there’s something we can do to help him out. we’ll have to see what can be done on that, and until then try our damndest to keep him on a gauze free diet!

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