craptacular review (a throwback)

yes, we still have this thing…

…no, i barely use it. did anybody find this effective? i guess i never had this problem to begin with?

let’s talk about unicorn hemorrhoids

Author: sean M Published: December 18, 2015 0 comments

i thought this was a butt-load of shit…

…but apparently this is a real thing:

the first time i saw the ad it was on youtube before some video i wanted to see, and i swore it was some kind of comedic bit. but when i saw the longer one (the video above) i saw them make reference to amazon ratings and so i looked it up and…no shit…this is really a thing.

now i’m curious if it would help me. not like i feel i have problems in this department, but it does arise some curiosity. i don’t think glitter or rainbow sludge will come out – it’s been a while since i’ve been that drunk in a strip club. but i might have to drop the thirty bucks come pay day and see how things come out…

…yeah, i did that on purpose.

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