dead men tell no tales

this one kinda sucks…

…tim dorsey died.

most of you don’t know him, but kramer and i do. we actually knew him personally. when i was unemployed in 2003 right before i started at dell kramer gave me his fifth novel, the stingray shuffle. he’s put out twenty-one since, and i own all twenty-one of them, either in hardcover first edition or advanced paperback copies (some of which may or may not have come from the man himself). i also own the four that preceded it.

we went to a couple of his book signings, both of which were noteworthy for various reasons. one he got a pic of me climbing out of the trunk of his rental like i was his hostage. one he actually signed my book to my ex after i told him she wasn’t happy i ditched her in lockhart to actually make his book signing (i was coming straight from dell in round rock). the inscription? “to alexandra – thanks for letting sean come hang out with me tonight!” another time he pulled out his pages, dug out the dedication page, added me to it, and gave it to me.

in the earlier days when a book was about to be released i would read all the books prior leading up to it – when the canon got too massive i stopped, but i will openly admit life in general has kept me from reading time since the covid, and i’m at least three books behind, which had me kinda stressed as the new one typically comes out in january. someone in a group i’m in pointed out there’d been no notes, teasers, or title released for the 2024 book which, once that came to my attention, i found odd. two weeks later i saw the announcement.

he was good people and amazingly talented. to say he will be missed is an understatement.

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