“kinda got me there” – not just what shirley manson said when i tweaked her nipple

so, quick title explanation…

…back in 1995 i got to hug gwen stefani at the first 101X-Mas bash. i bet co-workers i’d get to hug shirley manson within a year, and fate turned around and made it happen due to a healthy mix of them opening for the smashing pumpkins coupled with a friend being a little lazy on acquiring radio contest winners. when i went to hug her (after explaining the wager and her agreeing) she was wearing a wife beater with no bra and the room was chilly if you know what i’m saying and i think you do. my nipple ring caught her through our shirts, a noise loud enough to draw attention was made by her, and the whole room turned to see her shaking her boobs at me and in her scottish brogue saying, “kinda got me there”.

that’s what this article did when i saw it on facebook at first glance. in hindsight, i shoulda known better. while he ain’t as famous as the other two, he’s far from destitute – so why would krist need to share an abode with mclovin?

there’s always gonna be a garfunkel or an oates – it’s just the way it is. typically a band, at most, will yield two famous people – jimmy, robert, and those other two. keef, mick, and the other guys. bono, the edge, and what’s their names. it happens. krist just happens to be the odd one out due there only being three of em.

(just to tout my record store cred, that would be john paul jones and gonzo; brian (or ronny) & charlie, and adam & larry, respectively)

so i was kinda stoked to sober up and realize this was bullshit. he may be the least known member of one of the best known power trios of all time, but i still don’t think he’s sunk anywhere close to this on the self-esteem scale, right?

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