who got their wish here?

well, color me confused…

…every now and again a product comes out and we ask ourselves, “how did this not get thought of sooner? it was an obvious need the populous had to get fulfilled!”

and other times, products seem to come out that answered a question nobody asked. or would ever ask. ever. in a hundred fucking years.

this time the question is, “how can i spend just as much money as if it were booze, and have it *taste* like booze, but have zero of the EFFECTS of booze?”

*i have not, and will not, ever taste this swill so i just have to assume on this one*

the stuff is called “ritual – zero proof” and their tagline is “lose the booze, keep the ritual”.

i’d like to say i get it, but i really don’t. why the fuck? seriously. i don’t know a single soul that quit drinking and misses the TASTE, but maybe i just have those kinda friends? i guess there is an, albeit small, market for non alcoholic beer. maybe this is for the people that went one step beyond but need the TASTE of something stronger?

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