eh, they can read in prison

while i do know today she woulda been eighty-three, i can’t decide if my mom, were she still alive, be broken-hearted or pissed…

…possibly a little of both.

the largest school district in texas, which just happens to be in houston, and happens to be a bit, as they like to say these days, “urban”, is eliminating all the librarians and media specialists and turning those spaces into “disciplinary centers”, i.e. detention halls.

because why learn to read in school when they can teach you how to serve time? what the everlovin’ fuck?

this all happened because the state took over the district because it was “performing poorly academically”. it seems like, if you’re a thinkin’ man, poor academic performance could be fixed by MORE FUCKING READING and less of a “lock em up!” mentality. have these state officials never seen the countless movies about the teacher in the shitty school that makes a real difference?

stand and deliver?

the principal?

lean on me?

dangerous minds?

high school?

it’s been mentioned a time or several. so the fuck do they think FEWER learning options will fix academic performance? the short answer is they know it won’t and they don’t fucking care. it’s just another example of the idiots in power dividing up shit racially and economically because ever since that agent orange idiot showed you can publicly hate people because of what color they are, who they love, where they’re from, or what they do on a sunday morning it’s been a governmental shit show free for all, and until this ship is righted this will NOT be getting any better.

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