i see what you’re doing there (sneaker edition)

economic realities have sucked a bit for me lately…

…and some things have been sold.

nothing i’ll miss, i might add. to be honest, more SHOULD go. and i have to admit, i’m trying to force the issue in the sense that i have a thing or two on eBay that’s just sitting, and i’m about to add more to the pile on there, i’m afraid.

every now and again something will cross my mind. something i own. and i’ll think to myself, “how much is that going for these days?” some things i’ve held on to whimsically over the years because i thought they were pretty cool, but seeing certain dollar figures will make me let that whimsical shit go. for instance, a plaid polo basketball from the 1990’s, bought on clearance from dillard’s for $25 or so. now going for triple digits on eBay. THAT i could let go of without issue.

but here’s where it gets weird…

…i’ve noticed that you’ll see a few of an item, all kinda around the same amount. for example, that basketball is listed five times on eBay, but never for the same price: $150, $175, and $142 all come at the top of the search. then there’s some hoodies and button ups that inexplicably come up because i typed as few things into the search as possible (“polo plaid basketball” in this instance) but then there’s two other listings at $420 and $499.

what the fuck?

i saw the same thing when i looked up some jordans i got. the first few were in the $120-150 range, which is about what i paid for em, but then there was a lone pair, listed as pre-owned, for almost a grand. over FIVE TIMES what others are selling em for.

nik & i have a theory – those are the people that listed them so they could tell their girl they listed em and they’re “trying” to shrink their shoe closet, without really trying to shrink their shoe closet. or, at least, so our theory goes. when i list shit, i’m intentionally trying to get things going at least!

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