i’ll take “irony” for $400, alex

i was just going through my bookmarks and saw one i’d saved and found one on how to get stronger after the age of fifty…

…and while there’s no date on the article, other ones in the bookmarks around it are from 2017, when i would have turned forty-six, so clearly i prepared, which is good because i feel like i’m shrinking.

according to the writer at my age if you don’t use it, you lose it, and it takes a lot more to build it back then it used to. that has me nervous because i know for a fact i’ve been working out less over the last year, since they closed the gym closest to the shop so my go to work out spot went away, and i feel like that was at the tale end of last year.

so i know i’ve already lost a bit – now to build it back.

the trick, it seems, is to realize that with more time spent alive you need more time to recover from shit. ironically i’m typing all this when i SHOULD be going to the gym, but i told myself to head over no later than two this afternoon if i’m gonna do it, and it’s only 1:23 on the day i’m writing this, so i’m not doing too terrible. we’ll see if i can get myself moving in just a bit. i was supposed to go this morning, but my recent birthday boy (budnik just turned thirteen!) woke me up at 6ish this morning and i vaped to get back to sleep, guaranteeing i was pretty useless until around nine, which cut it too close to a 10am appointment. but now i’m fed and ready, so it’s just a matter of letting food settle and then i’m off to the races, in theory.

(note from next morning – never left the house, but DID go the following day and the day after that)

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