a last minute note

i wanna close out this month with a quick note…

…and yeah, i know this isn’t the last bit of the month. but it’s the last NEW bit of the month, so here we are.

all the anti-drag and anti-trans bullshit really needs to stop. it really does. people are legitimately trying to legislate a segment of our population out of existence. that’s pretty fucked up. while i’ve never been gay, or bi, or gone through a collegiate “experimental phase”, or anything like that, i’ve had plenty of LGBT friends in my lifetime, still have several close to me, and see no reason for some sort of policy onslaught against their community.

i will, however, limit my term to “LGBT” or, at most, “LGBTQ” (which, for some reason, adding the “Q” makes it flag in spell check). at a certain point you’ve added enough letters that it’s no longer an acronym, it’s a word. the “Q” stands for “queer”, which by actual definition is “against the norm”, which would encompass all of it, but i guess just going by “Q” would imply a government hating group who, ironically, are massively supported by the folks that are against the LGBT folks already.

moving on…

what i’ve found in my more than half century of existence is that most of your run of the mill white, straight, god fearing americans assume that all walks of life do things their way to a degree. and while you might not be white, or straight, or god fearing, you are like them in the sense that you’re always wanting the same thing they want…


the crusades, the spreading of missionaries to indigenous people all over the world for the last few centuries, the squashing of muslims and jews and hindus are all for the same reason – they view their deity as “the one true god” and they want to make sure you can also get to THEIR heaven by doing things THEIR way. THEIR god likes when they get new people – keep in mind the christian top ten doesn’t kick off with not fucking your neighbors wife, or not stealing, or not killing. the literal first commandment is “thou shalt have no god’s before me”.

even in the old testament it was about more followers. and if that’s their number one goal, it must be for everyone else, including the trans folks and the drag queens, right?

i have never…ever…ever seen any queer person wearing a shirt, holding a sign, or having a sticker on their car that said something to the effect of “wanna be queer? just come over here!” or whatever a good recruitment line would be. they’re queer…they’re here…and they just want to be treated like NORMAL PEOPLE with NORMAL RIGHTS.

they are NOT on a fucking membership drive!

and while they’d love for your kids to be understanding and not fear them, they’re not looking to dress up your boy like madonna in her cone bra phase or what have you. that simply doesn’t exist.

so stop trying to get rid of people claiming their “grooming” your children. they’re “grooming” acceptance. they’re “grooming” tolerance. they’re not trying to turn your kids gay. news flash – dixie normous reading “little red riding hood” to your football playing, deer hunting, rebel flag shirt having nine year old won’t make him gay. if he ends up being so later afterwards, he already he was – he just saw it was okay. stop breeding a new generation of closeted queer folk that lash out due to self-loathing. you know those congress people who spit all the hateful bills out but then get caught on grinder or in a closet with one of their male inters? yeah, THIS is how those folks are “groomed” as kids…

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