if you can’t take the heat, stay outta texas

global warming, shmobal warming…

…fuck me, it’s hot!

we are on track for the hottest year on record. ain’t that wonderful? fucking seriously…i thought we’d had it worse, statistically, in the past, and we have. all of it’s been in my lifetime.

of course, heat can damage brain cells and effect memory. that’s my excuse for me missing the mark about the 90’s. well, that and post mom death / radio career death PTSD. i swore there was a year when i worked at sundance (1996-2000) where we had a hundred days of a hundred degrees, but apparently that’s actually never happened. the most 100° days were in 2011 with seventy-one. second in 1980 (when i undoubtedly spent them all at the lockhart state park pool) with sixty-nine in 1980. the year i’m pretty sure i was actually thinking of, because it falls in the “record store range”, was 1998, ranking third with fifty-six.

the other “sports statistic” sounding ones were all 1980 as well – most in a month? 31 in july 1980. most consecutive? 42, also in 1980 from june 23 to august 3rd.

but this year we’ve already had as many days thus far as we did in ALL of 2022. it started early. and i never remember the heat indexes being so high. like 100° that “feels like 119°” kinda shit.

our name ain’t ‘nathan arizona’!

now, granted, the last year where we had ZERO was 1973, and i don’t see us hitting that statistic again in my lifetime unless some thanos-level event happens. but it’d be nice to get back to there being less than thirty in a year. between james & kathi’s wedding and tanya sending me temp pics on my birthday it’s almost enough to get this kid to leave texas…


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