father’s day fro back

there was no “perfectly aged bit” for today…

…and for some reason dad’s been on my brain lately, so y’all get:

06/16/2002: “who’s yo’daddy?”

so, today’s father’s day; or as they call it in the trailer park, “the day of mass confusion”. i actually spent mine with my dad for the most part…the first time i’ve done so in twenty-five years. pretty cool…especially since we also through in my sister (notice the lack of quotes…this was my real sister); plus my stepmother, my aunt and uncle (both of whom i hadn’t seen since their wedding; which i believe was in spring of 1996…sad, huh? like i said, i always wish my family was closer than it is). good mexican food, with NO margaritas…for three reasons…

1. after a good rita buzz on friday AND saturday, i figured sunday was a good day to take off.
2. i’m saving up for tuesday / wednesday, when i have a feeling a WHOLE lot of booze will be partaken in.
3. there’s something that even i see wrong with downing tequila at 11:30 in the morning.

that’s right, 11:30 in the morning. i wanted father’s day lunch, i got father’s day brunch. with THREE times the family i expected (VERY cool) and unlike typical brunch, NO cantaloupe (which was cool, too). there were, however, enchiladas and quesadillas; which kicks the crap out of cantaloupe ANY day. and since we waited till after my sister arrived, we ended up not eating till 12:30 anyway, which was more my speed.

why the early hours? well, my family has always taken their sweet time in having kids…my grandparents didn’t have my dad (their oldest) till they were thirty-one, and likewise my parents waited until they were thirty-one to have me. do the math. that makes my dad sixty-one now (he was actually thirty, and my mom was thirty-one).

and you KNOW how older people eat.
lunch is BEFORE noon.
dinner is BEFORE six.
and breakfast?

well, if you wanna have breakfast at THEIR time, just go out drinking with your friends the night before, put a change of clothes in your trunk, and plan on not sleeping. you know when you see the older people in iHop at 4:00 am and think to yourself, “i wonder if i’ll be that cool when i’m that old?”. they’re actually NOT that cool….they’re STARTING their day; not finishing it. they were asleep before you were sliding into your $7 parking space and praying you’d hit the bar in time to still take advantage of the $1.50 anything-in-the-house special. see, we all still eat at the same time, just a few things shift.

they were born in the early 30s, so now they’re in their early 70s; so they eat breakfast at 3:00 am on a sunday, go home, and take a nap, and about 10:00 the next morning they’re on their knees in prayer…at church. praying the world will keep spinning, and keep feeling fine.

i was born in the early 70s, so now i’m in my early 30s; so i eat breakfast at 3:00 am on a sunday, go home and pass out, and about 10:00 the next morning i’m on my knees in prayer…at the toilet. PRAYING the room will stop spinning, and stop feeling so cold. so verrrry cold.

we’re all the same deep down…it’s just that sometimes you have to break the cycle; and that’s why i didn’t have booze with lunch. but now, i just got a call and i’m off to SA to have dinner with kimberly, the porn star in training…so the non-boozing of sunday may end up changing in a couple of hours…but since i won’t see her on my birthday (i’m assuming…don’t know anyone making the sa/austin commute on wednesday unless they’re surprising me), this will be our b-day celebration.

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