“trending tuesday” – wait for it…

i’ve been on the twitter a bit more lately…

…but this so called trending term i never saw:

gooch grease

and frankly, that’s okay!

i saw it in a buzz feed article on yahoo, but apparently the “trending” thing started with a television station in houston, so we texas folk are to blame for this. they started with a small bit, then did a full bit, covering all the journalistic points:

who? – men

what? – “gooch grease”, a “male hygiene problem” that is “a combination of lint, sweat, and feces”. ick.

when? – current issue, but i’m not really sure to whom? i guess my male friends and i aren’t close enough (thankfully) to discuss this…

where? – the “gooch” is the area between the butt and the balls

why? – jeebus, i don’t know, but according to the houston reporter some men have it so bad they use maxi pads to absorb it.

i’ve written comedy for thirty years and i can’t make this shit up.

look, i’ve always been kinda ballsy (metaphorically and literally) and i know how to clean my shit (again, metaphorically and literally) so i don’t think this is an issue for me…but is it really an issue at all? i’ve rarely seen guys in the feminine hygiene aisle at the store, and for the most part when i do they look fairly confused or out of their element so i’ve always assumed it was for their wife, girlfriend, or daughter that they had to make the trek. maybe they were just trying to figure out if their balls needed the ones with wings or not?

seems like this bit should have come out april first rather than the middle of june, huh?

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