a flashback about something that’s still with me

i like this one…

…it lets me know how long the original stuck. we re-did the black on this on what would have been mom’s seventieth birthday, august 16th, 2010 (also, sadly, the day the “lucky dude”, i brindle pit bull i rescued, died of a freak heart attack in the early morning). i haven’t re-touched it since, because at that point it almost felt like a dual memorial. but it led to me getting the budnik, who is a constant source of joy for almost thirteen years now!

05/26/2002:”they make a sunday MORNING now?”

i love my body. i don’t mean that in the pompous, arrogant, “yo, check me out” kinda way (although my new upper body stuff i’ve been doing in the gym HAS been getting some pretty good results); i mean that on the occasion that it just NEEDS something, and this little overactive mind of mine doesn’t provide for said need, it will simply take it; occasionally by sneaking it out of it. allow me to explain….

i had it explained to me long ago (by my mom) that my body chemistry was such that it was highly sleep-dep reactive. now, that’s not to say i can’t burn the candle at both ends, or go out and party all night, or something to that effect; far from. but occasionally, my body needs to make up for the sleep loss, and will trick my mind into allowing it to do so when it WANTS to do other things.

i had SEVERAL options planned out for today; the most practical, but least fun (odd how that always seems to work out, huh?) was to stay home and get some cleaning and painting done. since i was away for all of yesterday, this is what i SHOULD be doing, but when other opportunities present themselves (i.e. booze and women) i tend to lean the other way. but since last night, AFTER my five-and-a-half hour stay at sharp things (tattoo studio – i’ll explain that in a bit), and after watching the sa missions get their asses handed to them by the round rock express, i kept the sports theme of the night alive by going to a party thrown by some of the girls in the austin roller derby league, and ended up with a pseudo-job offer to come audition to be there announcer. we’ll see about that.

but i get home, check mail, and instantly pass out without setting my alarm; i wake up once in the middle of the night, REALIZE i have no alarm, and go to set it so i’ll get up early, and maybe get some work done before i go out to play, and all of a sudden my body says, “no…you have to pee.” which i NEVER have to do in the middle of the night. so, when i crawl back into bed, without setting the alarm yet, i can’t remember what i was gonna do before i got up, roll over, and pass out till the ass crack of NOON.

when i get up i’ve missed six calls, have three messages, and all of a sudden, NO plans except to stay home. and i felt GREAT (except for missing one of the calls, but we won’t go in to that now). so now, i’m gonna go wash my stomach, grab some lunch, and send the next TWO days working on the house. might even purposely duck calls that DON’T originate from the 210 area code.

oh yeah, and to explain the “wash my stomach” comment, it goes with the “five-and-a-half hours at the studio” comment; i FINALLY got the cross tattoo finished. and i listened to a suggestion i got from one of the first people to really study it after i got part two of it done last november and left the original piece in it’s original, slightly lighter black so that way you can kind of see it floating in the middle of what ended up being the final product. but because i drew it all from the original drawings, which had to be altered here and there to either fit me or each other at various points and places, what i went in there with yesterday fit what was on paper just fine, but didn’t fit on me worth a damn. we spent almost as much time lining up stencils as we did with the machine going. and when you’ve got dry skin like me, having a stencil put on, wiped off with rubbing alcohol, then RE-applied, wiped off again with MORE alcohol, etc, etc, THEN the needle gets to hit your skin; well, let’s just say it makes the experience a bit MORE discomforting.

but it’s done.
for now.
and now i’m gonna go wash it…and the rest of me, of course…

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