the five F’s

one of the unanticipated joys of the recent ministry show i caught was hanging with my old friend michelle…

…and her husband, who i’d never met. he was friendly and nice. she’s a professor at the university of toronto. er go, i thought he was canadian. it made sense. he had that vibe. so when i mentioned the “five F’s” that were the main priorities for texans, he was intrigued and wanted details.

so i explained…

they are, in order of appearance, ‘firearms, faith, football, and family’…and if you notice that’s only four, then FUCK YOU if you disagree with us!

he laughed out loud. we had a good time at the show. they’re an awesome match, and it’s cool to see someone that makes michelle so happy. but when i asked how they met, i was shocked – they met in school. not college (where she actually went to brown in new york, NOT north of the border) but in grade school. even dated briefly in the seventh grade. turns out the sum bitch is from austin, even growing near michelle off william cannon drive in south austin.

“but i’ve lived up there so long at this point i’m pretty much canadian”, he added to the conversation. i’ll take that as just an effort to help me feel okay for explaining the whole “texas F’s thing” to a fellow native austinite.

um…i appreciate the effort, eh?

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