it’s technically a rehash of a gibby / flea discussion (a flashback)

it’s old enough to drink…

…and lets me know the re-do of my oldest tattoo is now twenty-one years old. and that’s the re-do seven and a half years after the original!

Sunday, April 28, 2002

the final frontier

well, today i finally did it. crossed the line. did something i didn’t think i’d do. i was at sharp things today (my buddy harold’s tattoo studio) when it happened. and it didn’t hurt as much as i thought it would.

i got my face tattooed. and my hands as well.

okay, so before anybody TOTALLY flips out on this (how many who know my numbers have already started to dial??) keep in mind that on my right bicep i have a tattoo of my name in graffiti letters, with a cartoon of me DJing above it. since it IS a portrait of me, and today it got totally re-lined, re-shaded, and re-colored, and it does include a facial shot (as any good third date should, but then it’s meant in a different way), TECHNICALLY i got my face tattooed today, as well as my hands…it’s just that they got themselves RE-inked on my arm.

so i didn’t lie.

i never thought i’d ever get the self portrait tattoo redone. it was my first one, and i never planned on changing it. but since harold had re-colored both the ones on my left arm (i’ll post some pics up here of all of ’em eventually) i had to make them all MATCH, so this one got re-done…and it, like the others, looks pretty fucking cool.

of course, he also had some pretty fucking cool canvas to work on, eh?

now, both my arms looks nice and colorful for my hell day tomorrow working my ASS off at the 99.5 KISS krawfish fest; which is why tonight’s entry will be a bit brief…

two 2023 notes – first off, krawfish fest WAS a motherfucker, with us having to do math in our head after we ran out of change, shane and i sold over 2,500 tickets, and balanced to the penny. to explain the title, in a radio phone interview flea said i wasn’t “hard core” because i’d never had my fingers tattooed, and gibby explained i had my fingers tattooed onto my arm (explained above), so flea agreed that that counted

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