you can’t outfox the truth

i feel i need to say something on this one seeing as how i literally got my degree in broadcast journalism and used to actually teach college kids how to do tv news reporting…

…it was a different time – we were actually “factually based” back then.

the settlement in excess of three quarters of a billion dollars was seen as the lesser of two evils by the network, the worse being a prolonged trial where, under oath, such fox “superstars” as tucker and hannity would have to, under oath, admit they knew trump was full of shit but when along with the lies to get ratings.

it was also written in that the network need not apologize on air or elsewhere or otherwise admit to lying to their viewers.

and it won’t really cost them any viewers, because most fox news viewers ONLY watch fox news. so, while cnn and cnbc and, well, pretty much everybody lead with the fox news settlement the day it happened, fox barely mentioned it, focusing harder on those evil trans folk that are trying to turn your kids gay so you can never have the grandchildren you so desire, or something like that.

last summer we went and saw patton oswalt who said something i tend to agree with – all of this…the trump election, the vilifying of the liberal political sect, how one trans shooter equals “trans terrorist” but dozens of white male shooters equals “mental health concerns”, etc, etc are just the baby boomer generation’s death rattle. it’s the older folks, realizing they’re getting towards the end of their run, trying to make some last ditch attempts at a legacy by fucking over something the newer generation supports.

think about it.

your relatives in your eighties, assuming you had some that lived that long, saw their driver’s licenses being quietly pocketed and “revoked” by their kids in the name of public safety. they have problems figuring out the universal remote. and yet octogenarians are the leading candidates for the presidency in 2024? logic really needs to step in here.

side note – this bit was fully written before the tucker carlson departure, which i read in ONE PLACE was due to them docking his salary to help cover the dominion suit, but i can’t remember where and haven’s seen that anywhere else, so it might have been an op-ed?

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