my new conspiracy theory

i love that the term “conspiracy theory” has taken on such a life of its own lately…

…when i was coming up, that just meant folks that believed in aliens or, more so, all kinds of j.f.k. theories. then came 9/11, and then the whole 2016 election, and Qanon, and everything launched into the stratosphere. and it’s always about fairly major shit. it’s never anything innocuous – it always has to be major and earth shattering and newsworthy.

this is none of those things.

this is about the street clothing brand ‘supreme’, who’s logo i bastardized for the header today because it fit and…well…it took about three minutes.

i only own one of their shirts, and only because it helps support an old radio partner. but if you even kinda know your shit, you know their logo. shit, even the simpsons did a recent episode on them (changing the name to “slipreme” so no money exchanged hands). they slap that logo on everything from clothing and skate decks to trailer park filler to an actual brick that people still drop two bills for.

so here’s my theory – supreme started in 1994, back when i was in college and eating a lot of taco bell. i noticed then that the only difference between a taco or burrito versus a taco or burrito SUPREME was tomato and sour cream, which are red and white…the colors of the supreme logo! coincidence? not according to my theory!

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