why i gotta pay the fiddler? (a throwback)

further proof i didn’t start smoking weed till i got well into my 30’s…

…look at the calendar. today’s date. “4/20” – THE weed date. but the 21 year old bit that’s already been re-run? NOT about weed. and the twenty year old bit? doesn’t even exist – i didn’t write one on 4/20/2003, and you know if i was smoking back then it totally woulda happened. so, instead, i decided to pull the bit that was exactly thirteen years old today since that’s my lucky number…but before i posted it, i thought to myself, “that’s really not as fun, calling what you’re gonna do – you should let fate decide!”

so i turned around and asked the ufc to pick a number between one and twenty, and SHE said thirteen, so it was fate this was what you read today…

it’s good to be accepted, i suppose…

Author: sean M Published: April 20, 2010 1 comment edit

i read a news story today that confused me a bit…

…or at least the headline did.

US Gov’t says Toyota accepted record $16.4M fine

since when does the government give the private sector the option to “accept” or “reject” (assuming that’s the over verb that coulda been in this headline) a fine it’s levied?

i’m confused.

for the first time in over a decade i owe the IRS money. i do. shoulda filed, didn’t file, ’cause i owe them money and didn’t have it at the time. in hindsight i still shoulda filed (will this week) ’cause they’ll let you pay it out, and the longer you wait the more interest and penalties you have to pay. maybe that’s why toyota “accepted” the fine – if they hadn’t interest and penalties on a dollar amount that large ($16,400,000.00) would be a hell of a lot more than what i owe the IRS ($462).

so how do i get on that program where i can reject government fees? do i have to be japanese? i can change “L’s” to “R’s” if that helps…

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Shane Apr 21, 2010 @ 22:10

Dont feel bad about the 5 bills you have to give up to Uncle Sam, I owed twice that this year. Makes me wanna go back and watch Ziegheist again.

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