bad notes? bad words? bad call!

it’s not like it’s the anniversary of anything having to do with it…

…but i recently found an article on the songs that were literally banned from public airwaves in the wake of 9/11. mostly for being unamerican or, the very least, critical of american government (notice the blanket “ALL ‘rage against the machine’ songs”) and others i guess because they alluded to (lyrically) what happened, but i could think of at least four more that shoulda been on the list but weren’t for reasons i can’t explain. i guess you can’t catch em all? but these were songs that actually did get radio play (a lot of this list really didn’t), for instance:

crumblin down john mellencamp – “when the walls come crumblin, tumblin down”

juicy notorious b.i.g. – “blow up like the world trade”

killing an arab the cure – the whole song, pretty much

fire and rain james taylor – “sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground”

(i only know that last one because he purposefully resung a changed lyric on a simpsons episode where that would have been wildly inappropriate)

i wonder what else they missed?

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