them’s fighting words – a sunday six pack

it’s amazing how much six packs come in to play in a guy’s world…

…from socks and underwear in your early days to later sodas and beers and abs some of us wish we could have but never, ever, ever will. i’m going through a bit of work drama (big misunderstanding in my opinion) that i won’t go into here, but suffice to say i understand where my co-worker is coming from. he’s young, he’s passionate (as most artistic types are), and he’s coming from a real place as he feels he’s defending one of the main guy sixers, i.e. the six pack of things you don’t mess with in a guy’s world unless you want to see our worst come out. those being:

1. his significant other
2. his kids
3. his home
4. his ride
5. his pets
6. his money

amazing how six stays such a magical number in guy world, ain’t it? although, honestly, i’ll bet a woman’s list is similar, albeit in a different order?

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