be careful what you wish for

everybody is all about their freedom of religion when the ten commandments get put in a public place, but when it’s countered with…

…all of a sudden the truth comes out. sure, they SAY “religious freedom”, which would hint at freedom to follow any religion, but they mean you have the freedom to follow THEIR religion. fortunately, at least for now, the actual law says otherwise.

i fear that may change in my lifetime. shit, i’m afraid that’s gonna change before 2025 at our current rate.

in the meantime there’s tst health. i’m 99.99999999% sure “tst” stands for “the satanic temple”, although that’s not directly stated on the site. they have turned abortion into an actual ritual (first trimester is all that mentioned, before you start any “baby killer” comments) so it’s protected by the freedom of religion doctrine.

thyself is thy master

i’ll be curious to see how this all plays out in the courts. i think it will boil down to time stamps. if the tst can prove this was part of their ritualistic practice PRIOR to the roe reversal i don’t see how they can be ruled against, quite frankly, without the evangelicals with a little power finally having to admit they thought the constitution meant “freedom to be christian” even though the framers of it weren’t actually christians.

but if it’s proven that said ritual was created in response to the ruling, i believe the ruling will stand and they’ll be fucked. you can’t just write “human sacrifice is our thing” into your doctrine and suddenly murder can slide. lawyers are really gonna have some fun with this, even if the whole “satanic” factor does kinda play into the “baby eating devil worshiper” bullshit the far right keeps tossing about, which i see as a bit sad and muddying up the real issue at hand here.

we’ll see how it goes.

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