when that spiciness be everywhere people get pissed

so, i knew this was some odd shit…

…and now it’s getting even uglier.

the difference between the real shit and the shit you get from 7-11, as i previously spoke of, is whiskey. the liquor store variety has whiskey and is double the strength of the convenience store variety, which is malt of wine based. basically, the theory was, just slap enough cinnamon in it and nobody can taste the difference! or so i’m thinking? they did make sure they looked pretty fucking similar…

that lack of the word “whisky” on the 7-11 swill didn’t seem to catch enough folk’s attention, so now they’re trying to get a class action law suit going for faking folks out, which to me is just another notch on the belt of the devolution of man.

here’s the deal – most liquor laws are based on christian based “values” that emulate from a ridiculous place. we live in a democracy, not a theocracy. some people outside of texas will wonder why we have two different versions of this shit because you can buy normal hooch anywhere in their area, without the restrictions we have in bible thumping states where the church folk actually drink just as much if not more than their brethren in places like NOLA and vegas, we just don’t talk about it.

the fact that dipshits in texas and other areas that force this separation of strong booze from weak booze (instead of forcing that whole separation of church and state) didn’t clue into the fact that maybe, just maybe, suddenly seeing the shit they like to grab from the liquor store (that they sneak in and out of quickly and quietly lest some gossipy bitch from the third pew see them) now being had at H-E-B shoulda let them know that their was a change in formula to fit their archaic and ridiculous laws.

THEY forced the company to create this bullshit, and then THEY got upset when it didn’t deliver the same punch as the real shit. there’s really only one true solution:


as a guy who lives in a county that’s just seen liquor sales happen in my post-collegiate lifetime there’s no reason to have the restrictions we do. none. your god saw you at twin’s on friday night, even if sister margaret the organist didn’t. so who is it you’re trying to worship and impress, exactly? this lawsuit won’t see a nickel – but it shouldn’t have ever happened, because they shouldn’t have had to make these adjustments to expand their market. YOU made this happen – now deal with it, or fix shit.

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