two bit monday (i know that’s usually on tuesday, but…)

so, two fun stories from the holiday break i took…

…although this first one actually broke almost a year ago, i didn’t see the bit till the holiday break.

yes, in the first of a couple butt plug related bits to kick off 2023, this was sold as both NFT and legit sex toy and not only SPEAKS, but all funds were going to help out ukraine. i’m, of course, writing this a couple weeks in advance, so maybe the senseless war is over by the time you’re reading this? if not, it’s time to pull the plug!

(yeah, that was on purpose, and it was literally a coin toss between “pull the plug” and “pull out”)

on to the second part…

like many other entities, the library of congress has annual “adoption” classes, where certain films are put in the permanent archives due to their cultural significance, like iron man (first big bad modern super hero flick), and little mermaid (ushering the modern disney era), and HOUSE PARTY for it’s bringing hip hop cultural hipness to the mainstream! while i’ve only seen (and own) two of three of them (no question which one i DON’T own), it’s the last one i’m happiest about.

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