u toobin’ (one last rewind for 2022)

i will openly admit, sixteen years later, i have ZERO idea what my password is…

…and i refuse to start a second account.

09/09/2006: “now that took a lot more effort than it shoulda…”

it’s totally my fault for wanting to see ben affleck wasted, i suppose…

…not in person, you understand.

although that might be fun after what i saw.

no, i’m talking about a clip on youtube, my latest online addiction. this is a site you can kill entire MONTHS on…but there’s a local morning show that makes recommendations, some of which kinda suck, that today mentioned an interview with a wasted affleck where he pulls this canadian journalist into his lap and proceeds to drunkenly flirt/hug/fondle/kiss/grope/embarrass himself in front of for five straight minutes.

this is why i have a fairly strict no pictures policy, especially when i’ve have a bit (or more) to drink…

during said interview ben gets a bit loose with the language (the only mildly offensive word being “titties”) and so you have to actually be registered with youtube to “verify your age” (their online system seems a little loose on the security end for this, but never mind that now) and so i had to pick a screen name.

(even more odd as i edit this was realizing i watched the hilarious cartoon short “here comes dr. tran” with no verification, even though it says “shit” and “fuck”…i guess cartoons don’t count?)

my standard screen name (as used on itunes, ebay, yahoo, and hotmail) is m_sean_m…but youtube doesn’t allow special characters, so the “_” didn’t work. i ditched them and put in “mseanm”.

it was taken.

i then tried just “seanM” figuring the capital letter at the end would secure me, not knowing if it was caps sensitive.

it was taken as well.

i then tried my full name, and even “calum” and both were taken.

at this point i figure this had to be rigged – perhaps by affleck’s people to prevent me from watching the video. since i damn well knew where i would talk about it, i tried one last fucking screen name…


it worked. the affleck one, upon a second viewing, is just him being lame and stupid. but check out that dr. tran shit!!! too fucking funny!!!

(and yes, huh?, i think you already saw it with me at the sick & twisted animation festival a couple of years back)

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